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I'm following the instructions at the how to build a Debian package from source question successfully.

However, I want to repeatedly rebuild the package after making modifications to the source (a "incremental build"), and the suggested commands do rebuild the package, but the modified source files are not recompiled.

How can I make dpkg-buildpackage (or debian/rules) rebuild modified source files? Is this possible to achieve generically, or does it depend on the package build file?

Specifically, I'm trying to do this for the chromium-browser package

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Depending on your source code, the build tool used should take care of compiling freshly modified source files. The debian packaging tools call the build tool, maybe a Makefile in your case, and build a package from the generated binary and other artefacts.

In general packaging should be a late step in your software development process. First write the code and then package it when ready for release.

I recommend using pbuilder to do the package building in a virtual container on your system, rather than on the system itself.

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You can use git hooks with git-buildpackage on a fork of the debian git repository to help automate this.

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