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i want to show my order notification between particular time. (i.e) if my order is placed at 11:00 pm means its start to show from three hours before until three hours after like(from 08:00 pm to 02:00 am). any one please help me solve this.

$time = str_replace(':','',$result['cur_time']);
$time2 = date('H:i:s',strtotime($result['time'])+10800);
$timeles = date('H:i:s',strtotime($result['time'])-10800);
$cmparetime = str_replace(':','',$time2).'<br/>';
$lesstime = str_replace(':','',$timeles).'<br/>';
$time += 030000;
$bktime = (int) date('Gis');
if($lesstime < $bktime && $bktime<$cmparetime)

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