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I've been looking for a couple of hours now, but can't figure out what option in visual studio 2008 controls the highlighting used for breakpoints. I have a darker theme and the lines are hard to read when entering a debugger.

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When you hit the breakpoint while debugging, that line of code becomes the current statement so in Tools>Options>Fonts and Colors look for 'Current Statement' line and change the item foreground and background color to your liking...

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With the help of this link:

How to change the color of Visual Studio 2005/2008 current line highlight bar?

I think user Thejaka has the answer:

Do you mean the "Current Statement" that is highlighted in yellow by default during debug step through?

Select "Tools -> Options" menu item.

Select "Environment -> Fonts and colors" from the tree view on left.

Select "Current Statement" in "Display items" list box, then change the "Item background" color.

Press OK.

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