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ess-mode is "Emacs speaks statistics." This mode is useful for editing programs for R or Splus (two separate statistics packages).

In my buffer, when ever I type _ the character is replaced with <-, which is very frustrating. Is there an emacs lisp statement to turn off this behavior?

emacs: 22.1.1 ess-mode release (unknown)

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I find this feature quite convenient, and like Michal posted, pressing underscore twice inserts a literal underscore. Assignment string <- is by far more utilized in R programming than underscore (or is it just my perception). Anyway, it does the job nicely for me... –  aL3xa Mar 28 '10 at 0:23
Duplicate - see stackoverflow.com/questions/1816238/… –  csgillespie Jun 10 '10 at 16:13
agree with aL3xa this feature is a huge workflow aid. –  mcheema Mar 11 '13 at 11:36

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From ESS's manual (look under "Changes/New Features in 5.2.0"):

ESS[S]: Pressing underscore ("_") once inserts " <- " (as before); pressing underscore twice inserts a literal underscore. To stop this smart behaviour, add "(ess-toggle-underscore nil)" to your .emacs after ess-site has been loaded

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From http://www.r-bloggers.com/a-small-customization-of-ess/ and How to change smart assign key ("_" to "<-") binding in ESS

To assign ":" to "<-" and to stop the assignment of underscore (underbar) "_" to "<-" put the following in .emacs (yes, the repeated line is correct)

(setq ess-smart-S-assign-key ":")
(ess-toggle-S-assign nil)
(ess-toggle-S-assign nil)
(ess-toggle-underscore nil) ; leave underscore key alone!
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Since the feature is useful. You can assign it to other key which is less used by you in R it will automatically unassign it from underscore. I personally assign it to ";" by adding following line in .emacs file.

(setq ess-smart-S-assign-key ";")

My version of emacs is 24.3 All-in-one installation file by Vincent Goulet

hope this helps

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