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Can anyone give me pointers to good books or web sites that teach how to do Flex programming?

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Check out Ten Great Ways to Learn Flex, but I think number one should be to use the Quickstarts on the Adobe Site.

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This link is very good tutorial for beginners to study flex

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Nice! Thanks for the resource. :-) –  ykombinator May 15 '11 at 9:06

A book we used in class that is a free download from adobe: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/pdfs/getting_started_with_Flex3.pdf

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noone mentioned FlexExamples

When I was working on a first flex project this resource helped alot to understand many things. The difference about it is, it has examples which is more required when you're developing application. It surely help you in many ways.

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lynda.com has a set of Flex videos, including basic Flex 3, advanced topics, and AIR Essentials.

It's a subscription site, but for $250 a year, if you use other Adobe products like ColdFusion 8 or the new CS 4 (they have plenty of CS 3 videos too), it's easily worth it.

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Flex in a Week Video Training on Adobe's site.

"Learn Flex in a week by going through this video training course. To maximize your learning, we recommend that you view the videos and complete the exercises in the order that they are listed. If you run into problems and have questions, you can ask a question on the Flex in a Week forum."

  • Day 1: Flex basics
  • Day 2: Component development
  • Day 3: Putting it all together
  • Day 4: Adding visual appeal
  • Day 5: Architecture and advanced topics
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