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My web app has been chugging along just great in Production for years with one App server and one Web server. Now we're moving to a multi-server environment with 2 App and 3 Web servers. I have enough time to make changes before the go-live.

As a Developer, what considerations should I take into account from coding, deployment, and architectural/ecosystem management perspectives?

Already on my list:

  • Remove tight-coupling between servers
  • Applicable files (i.e. downloadables) stored in IMAGE fields in SQL instead of files on app server
  • Deployment: Take out node out of the farm at a time
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Have you given any thought to sticky sessions and cache management?

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Not by name no; but my research seems to indicate sessions stay on the same server they start on when using Windows NLB. –  tsilb Mar 28 '10 at 5:23

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