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I try to develop a gem. I include it in my rails application through Gemfile with :path option for testing purpose, but there are some errors that appear when I build it and release to rubygems that does not appear when gem included from local path. How can I install gem from *gem file (made with rake build command) in rails or any bundle driven application for testing?

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Not using the :path option is the default, so just use that after you releast. If your gem isn't ready for prime time, then release a .pre version and install it from Rubygems. In the meantime try to figure out what's specific to it being local and focus on fixing that. –  jefflunt Aug 14 at 20:16

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This will give you the best help: http://guides.rubygems.org/make-your-own-gem/

But in summary you need to build your gem from the .gemspec then using irb require your gem to test it out.


gem build hola.gemspec

% irb

require 'hola'

=> true
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a question was about bundler –  user219372 Aug 15 at 8:41

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