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I have a .lib library and I'm trying to use it in C# application. I've made a .dll wrapper for it, but I have 2 questions:

1) How can I import c++ types, for example msp_DEVHANDLE to call my functions?

2) Calling open/close functions causes error like

"mvlib.mv.Open is unavailable due to its protection level"

. But they are public and other 3 functions doesn't cause this error. What have I done wrong?

my wrapper dll:


#pragma once

using namespace System;

namespace mvlib {

public ref class mv
    int GetNumberOfDevices(); 
    msp_ERROR Startup();
    msp_ERROR Cleanup();
    msp_DEVHANDLE Open(int n);
    msp_ERROR Close(msp_DEVHANDLE n);


#include "stdafx.h"

#include "mvlib.h"

using namespace mvlib;

int mv::GetNumberOfDevices()
    return msp_GetNumberOfDevices();
msp_ERROR mv::Startup()
    return msp_Startup();
msp_ERROR mv::Cleanup()
    return msp_Cleanup();
msp_DEVHANDLE mv::Open(int n)
    return msp_Open(n);
msp_ERROR mv::Close(msp_DEVHANDLE n)
    return msp_Close(n);
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1) You have to declare a managed struct for them (using StructLayout for marshaling). You may also DllImport them and declare structs in C# but if exported interface is reach it'll easy become a pain. Much better to write a proper managed interface using C++/CLI hiding all unmanaged things in a .NETish class hierarchy. 2) Open's parameter msp_DEVHANDLE is private (and unmanaged) then that method will be automatically internal, you should also have a warning for this. – Adriano Repetti Aug 14 '14 at 22:00
You should not expose native types in your ref class, the C# code knows beans about it. Could be as simple as using IntPtr instead and casting it back and forth from/to the native pointer type. And the msp_Error should of course be raised as an exception. – Hans Passant Aug 14 '14 at 23:16

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