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There are a million of these JAX-RS serialization snowflakes. Let me add one more.

I have a JPA/JAXb annotated class:

public class Foo implements Serializable {

I have a service that seeks to return a list of these objects as JSON:

public class FooService {

    public Response listFoos() {
        // get hibernate session
        List<Foo> foos = session.createQuery("from Foo").list();
        GenericEntity<List<Foo>> entity = new GenericEntity<List<Foo>>(foos) {};
        return Response.ok(entity).build();

I have tried a number of variations. The one that looks the best, to me is like

    public List<Foo> listFoos() {
        // get session ..
        return session.createQuery("from Foo").list();

All give me some slight variation of:

SEVERE: MessageBodyWriter not found for
media type=application/json, type=class java.util.ArrayList, 
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Don't forget to add a dependency like:

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Technically, serializing your lists is considered bad practice. Many people recommend using a wrapper object to encapsulate them for you. –  John Ament Aug 15 '14 at 11:05
thanks @JohnAment, do you have any more details about how to craft such a wrapper object and what its purpose is? –  Skylar Saveland Aug 15 '14 at 15:45

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