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I had been using Netbeans all the while to develop Swing application. So far, I am a Happy Netbeans User

Currently, I had a project (GWT, J2EE and Swing), which I need to use Eclipse (Please do not ask Why)

Here is the step I had been taken.

  1. Download Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers (190 MB) from I thought this should be the correct choice, as I see most features are found in that edition
  2. After struggling a while to get use to the user interface of Eclipse, I still cannot find a Visual GUI Editor!
  3. After doing some Googling, I realize I need to install something called Plugins

However, tones of plugins which had similar features has confused me, as I found

This makes me even more confuse? Which plugin I should use to develop a Swing based application? Most of them seems not up-to-dated. Or, is there any complete bundle I can download, where 1 click, will install all the necessary Swing development tools for me?

I just miss my Netbeans :( I really appreciate their team, who make the installation work so easy. One click button install, all the necessary tools just come to me

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Each IDE has its pros and cons - this you're mentioning is just one of such cases. – Leniel Macaferi Mar 28 '10 at 5:30
Can someone update the title of this question to make it clearer that this is about getting a plugin for Eclipse? Thanks! – Donal Fellows Mar 28 '10 at 11:33

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Eclipse users typically program UI by hand.

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I never able to deliver a GUI desktop application to happy client on time, without a GUI designer. For those able to do that, I take my hat off. – Cheok Yan Cheng Mar 28 '10 at 17:24

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