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I need a (free or cheap) source for end-of-day stock/mutual funds/index values. Major world indexes & European stocks are my primary interest. I keep seeing that Yahoo/Google/Microsoft offer this data, yet I can't find a HOWTO doc (or similar) on getting the data.

Reuters is an option - ~$300/month puts it out of my range.

Sample of what I am looking for:


I wish to get this data into txt file in an automated manner.

My platform is Linux. (I also have PC with Windows & emulator for Windows on Linux, so Windows is an option)

http://www.eoddata.com/ is best site I have found so far. This is quite good yet I desire more info on European finances.

Please advise!

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The beancounter application / library does the data gathering, storing (in various supported SQL backend) and (some) analysis for you.

It's pretty mature; I have been using and maintaining for about a decade. Requirements are just Perl plus some Perl modules -- this works on most OSs. One of these days it will need a rewrite in something like GNU R to take advantage of readily available analytics. In fact, I have this open as a R / Google Summer of Code proposal.

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You can use Yahoo finance - they provide csv format.

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Since the question is tagged with Google-finance, I figure you should at least start at the Google Finance Data API:


You'll need to create a "portfolio" that contains all the tickers you want to watch, but then you should be able to access it via an API call.

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Take a look at http://www.mergent.com/servius - a set of REST APIs for things like historical stock quotes and index values (primarily US and Canada for now, but contact them at the email address at the bottom of the page to ask about European / global data)

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