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I have the angular.min.js library installed on ubuntu 14.04 under /opt/mean/public/lib/angular/angular.min.js, and in a view made in accordance with a tutorial from lynda I have the following view:

<!doctype html>
<html lang="en" ng-app>
        <meta charset="UTF-8">
        <title>Angular Demo</title>
        <script src="/opt/mean/public/lib/angular/angular.min.js"></script>
        <input type="text" ng-model="name">
        <h2>Welcome {{name}}</h2>

The contents of the h2 tag should be dynamically updating as text is entered but it is not. Furthermore on the console I get a 404 error for the angular.min.js file. The MEAN stack is the premade one found on digitalocean, if that matters.

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You cannot use a system path such as /opt/.... in a web application –  Shenal Silva Aug 15 '14 at 3:39

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try using the path


instead of

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It's giving a 304 result now, instead of a 404 result, but it still isn't updating. Do you see any other bugs in the body of it? –  Simon Means Aug 15 '14 at 3:47 –  Simon Means Aug 15 '14 at 3:50
304 is not an error!! 304 means Not Modified which means that the angular.min.js resource is already loaded in the browser cache –  Shenal Silva Aug 15 '14 at 3:50
Ok, it works in firefox but not in chrome for whatever reason. I'll accept your answer as soon as I can. Thank you very much! –  Simon Means Aug 15 '14 at 3:52
I've added what is shown in the question, and the Lynda tutorial I'm using shows only that and has it updating. –  Simon Means Aug 15 '14 at 3:54

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