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In my application i want to implement the column-filter via selectCheckboxMenu.

In a first step i use "selectOneButton":

<p:column headerText="Product" filterBy="#{document.productTypes}" filterMatchMode="contains">
   <f:facet name="filter">
      <p:selectOneButton onchange="PF('documentOverviewTableVar').filter()" label="Produkt">
         <f:selectItems var="item" 
   <ul class="itemList">
      <ui:repeat value="#myController.getProductTypes(document.productTypes)}"
         <li><h:outputText value="#{msg['ProductType.'.concat(productType)]}"/></li>

Filtering this column works fine.

But when i exchange "selectOneButton" by "selectCheckboxMenu" filtering leads always to no results. Changing the "filterMatchMode" or Scope "ViewScoped" does not have any effect.

My backing bean is similar to the one in the PF-showcase.

Does anyone have a clue what goes wrong?

This are the important parts of my backing bean:

public class DocumentSpecificationOverviewController {

   private List<DocumentSpecification> documentSpecifications;

   private List<DocumentSpecification> filteredDocumentSpecifications;

   public List<DocumentSpecification> getDocumentSpecifications() {
      return documentSpecifications;

   public void loadDocumentSpecifactions(DocumentSpecificationRepository repository) {
      documentSpecifications = repository.findAll();

   public List<DocumentSpecification> getFilteredDocumentSpecifications() {

      return filteredDocumentSpecifications;

   public void setFilteredDocumentSpecifications(List<DocumentSpecification> filteredDocumentSpecifications) {
      this.filteredDocumentSpecifications = filteredDocumentSpecifications;
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