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How do i create multislide application in WPF? What is beast approach? What i need is something very similar to having tabcontrol with multiple pages and navigation buttons bellow, but i dont think that tab control is best for this task. I would like to have each view to be in seperate .xaml + class file. AND- it would be cool to have some animiation, when navigating to another page (like old page slides away or something like that. What would be best technique to achieve this?

------- SOLUTION --------- Thank you for your responses. Solution in deed was to use MVVM + i sliding animation i performed by catching moment, when content get changed for "active view" content control using this technique - http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2599788/wpf-data-binding-trigger-before-content-changed

afet that i store current content in image using RenderTargetBitmap and use simple animation to slide Image away and active content in.

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Had success using a wizard style with "Next" and "Back" buttons. The design involved a WPF View and a controlling ViewModel similar to a Masterpage in ASP.NET. The commands attached to the next/back buttons determined which view/viewmodels to load up into the page region. The master viewmodel was also responsible for triggering a sliding animation during a page transition.

Using an IOC container to load up view/viewmodels in a decoupled fashion worked well, and PRISM seemed to to an adequate job managing the various page regions.

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Have you looked at the Navigation Overview in the WPF documentation? What don't you like about the tools and techniques described there?

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