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My problem is, I cannot play any video in Firefox. In Chrome it works well. This is my HTML code fro embeding video:

<video id="video" controls="controls" width="600" height="357" poster="./static/img/video-thumb.png" preload="metadata" aria-describedby="full-descript">
   <source src="./static/video/demo.ogv" type="video/ogg; codecs=&quot;theora, vorbis&quot;">
   <source src="./static/video/demo.webm" type="video/webm">
   <source src="./static/video/demo.mp4" type="video/mp4">

When I try to access to (for example MP4 file), strange characters appear and no video. What is wrong with Firefox?

PS: Paths are good, videos work

EDIT: In my firefox console:

HTTP "Content-Type" of "text/html" is not supported. Load of media resource http://localhost:8104/home/static/video/demo.ogv failed.
HTTP "Content-Type" of "text/html" is not supported. Load of media resource http://localhost:8104/home/static/video/demo.webm failed.
HTTP "Content-Type" of "text/html" is not supported. Load of media resource http://localhost:8104/home/static/video/demo.mp4 failed.
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Your server is telling the browser that the video is an HTML document. Fix that. –  Quentin Aug 15 at 9:25
Yea, I know (its wrote right there), but how can I fix it? I have no idea. –  debute Aug 15 at 9:26
Step 1: Find out what HTTP server you are using. –  Quentin Aug 15 at 9:29
Probably apache on linux, but I don't really know, I am just one of developers from company and I haven't got permissions to access server configuration. –  debute Aug 15 at 9:32
You must fix the server configuration. If you don't have access, either get access or pass the bug ticket to someone who does. –  Quentin Aug 15 at 9:40

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Your server is delivering everything with a

"Content-Type" of "text/html"

Assuming it is an apache server you need to add the following .htaccess file into the directory that contains the video.

# Server can play audio
# MP3 audio
AddType audio/mpeg3 .mp3
AddType audio/mp3 .mp3
AddType audio/x-mpeg3 .mp3

# Ogg Vorbis audio
AddType audio/ogg .ogg
AddType audio/ogg .oga

# Server can play video
# Ogg Theora video
AddType video/ogg .ogv

# MP4 video
AddType video/mp4 .mp4

# Webm video
AddType video/webm .webm

For other servers you need to check the documentation on how to set the mimi type.

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Thanks, I hope it will works. –  debute Aug 15 at 9:34
Does the host / server you are using allow you to run php? If it does you could use PHP to deliever the files with the correct http header information. –  Wayne Aug 15 at 9:41
No, we are using Java. I contacted colleague, who has access to server configuration. –  debute Aug 15 at 9:43
Just in case firefox might work with the wrong mimi types .... did you try removing ... type="video/mp4" ... from the HTML? –  Wayne Aug 15 at 9:49
I tried, but same problem. –  debute Aug 15 at 9:52

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