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I know this question is probably stoopid. But I just don't want to cause any hickups with my work system (Win7).

How do I upgrade the software? Do I just replace the existing version or do I need to remove the one I'm having and then install the new version? I tried to find some info on the net but did not find any info on upgrading.

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MsysGit uses a proper installer so you can just download and run the installer for the new version.

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The code base distinguishes between "Git for Windows" which is simply the runnable application. This will install with a proper installer, or there is a portable version as well. downloads list

There is then the MsysGit which has the full source code so that you can contribute to the project, or at least try your own local fixes and recompile a local release etc. MSysGit:InstallMSysGit

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The install instruction are now at git.wiki.kernel.org/articles/i/n/s/… because kernel.org had a security issue that it's working through. –  Philip Oakley Dec 16 '11 at 15:58

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