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I'm considering using postgreSQL 8.4x db on windows/Mac for development and linux for production. wondering what front-end tools are out there that are comparable to Toad (for Oracle) ?

PostgreSQL comes with PgAdminIII. It's OK but I feel there might be something better than that. I prefer free or open source but if something is NOT too expensive(we are a NON-PROFIT), would not mind evaluating.

minimal tools that I want
1) connection manager
2) Nice SQL Editor
3) Explain Plan
4) help with SQL embedding into various languages.
5) E-R diagrams would be good but this would not be a killer feature for me.
6) keyboard shortcuts
7) support for utf-8 (display at the least).

Anything work for you guys ?

Will be using java 6 to build the application(s) if that is relevant at all.

Thank you,

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see stackoverflow.com/questions/105788/… for more options – newenglander Aug 8 '11 at 12:35
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Try RazorSQL. It's not free ~$70. But to be fair comparing TOAD at >$1000 bucks, if I remember correctly to pgadmin that is free, I think you need to face the fact that you are using a free database that gives you functionality that in other database systems costs thousands of dollars $70 bucks is cheap.

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Aqua Data Studio is a good one. But most of the time, I use pgAdmin3.

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it appears that "Aqua Data studio" has more features than pgAdmin3. how come ? – anjanb Mar 28 '10 at 11:36

Actually that is a topic that annoys me aswell for years now... It's a pity that TOAD is available for so many DBs but not for Postgres... The only "not TOO bad to use" solution i've found over the years is: EMS Postgresql Manager

Anyway, my version is crashing from time to time and there is no "shortcut"function key defined to "execute query", which really pisses me off from time to time ( couldn't find any way to define one though ) ^^

Hope this helps a little...

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hi david, thank you. yes, shortcut keys are really important. I can learn new ones but it will be nice if i can customize. editing my question to add this feature! – anjanb Mar 28 '10 at 11:08
EMS is Windows-only, too bad. – Frank Heikens Mar 28 '10 at 11:20

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