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I have a private key .pem file that stores a private key and a certificate in PEM format. So the file looks like this:

/* base64 encoded data */
/* base64 encoded data */

For verification I need the certificate in DER format. I call d2i_X509_bio(pCert, cert_len) with pCert pointing to a byte representation of the certificate and get in return the certificate in a X509 structure.

So up til now, I have to manually extract and decode the certificate from the private key file to pass it to d2i_X509_bio().

Is there an easier way to get my certificate from the private key file in DER format?

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"Get X509 certificate in DER format from private key file" - You can't get the X509 certificate given just the private key. The only thing you can get is the public key from the certificate. The public key is supposed to match the private key (they are a set). –  jww Aug 16 at 11:25

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