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I am using infinite scroll to load more entries (https://github.com/paulirish/infinite-scroll) upon manual trigger after the first set of entries are loaded.

Each entry has a Bootstrap carousel attached to it, and with the first set of entries, these work fine. But after I click "load more" to load the additional entries, carousel does not work with the newly fetched entries.

This is what I have to trigger the Carousel into action (along with touch/swipe support)

<script type='text/javascript'> 
    (function($) {
        interval: 20000
    $('[id^="mycar"]').swiperight(function() {  
    $('[id^="mycar"]').swipeleft(function() {  
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May want to look at binding using .on(). Also, you may have to destroy the Carousel's data first and re-instantiate it after more entries have been added. –  Brad Christie Aug 15 at 14:50
Thank you @Dan, that did the trick. Cheers. –  mightypixel Aug 15 at 15:14
FWIW: jsfiddle.net/khgjpo6q –  Brad Christie Aug 15 at 15:22
That's perfect, thanks. –  mightypixel Aug 18 at 9:45

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