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My Intellij IDEA 13.1.4 Ultimate isn't creating new Grails projects using "File" > "New Project".

I mark my project as Groovy Project then I select Grails. I setup a Groovy Library pointing to my Grails 2.4.3 home (I've tried with 2.3.11 and 2.2.5). I click Next and put a name for my project.

Then, when I finish this process, the Intellij Window opens but the Grails "create-app" script doesn't runs and the project isn't properly configured. The folders like "grails-app" and "web-app" aren't created. No log error or warn was generated.

Importing an project works well.

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this is a bug in IDEA, see IDEA-127693

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Instead of choosing grails in the menu choose groovy and then select the grails library like this:

selecting groovy

that will somehow trigger the create-app script

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