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We plan to advertise our iphone app on other sites. Is there a way to track from which website my iphone app hyperlink was clicked when a purchase is made? Can this be programmed, or is there any analytics app which does this. We will want to track the exact number of sales made from each site..

Appreciate any help..


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You cannot track purchases directly through an apple store link. What you could do to circumvent this is to implement your own proxy that handles the requests, registers which website is requesting the link and then direct the browser to the iTunes store link.

Analytics solutions focus on the usage stats of an app and I haven't seen anyone than takes care of your problem so far.

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Hi, thanks for responding. Is there a way we could have users send us this info from within the app? We would need to identify that the same user doesn't send it twice. – mb08 Mar 29 '10 at 20:29

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