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I'm new to python so this may be a beginner question. My 'else' statement in the code below gets a syntax error for a reason beyond my mind. I've looked up the syntax for it multiple times but I cannot find the error. This is my python code:

siteswap = input("Enter the siteswap you want to validate here:")  
aantal_digits = len(siteswap)  
i = 0  
j = 1  
while i != aantal_digits:  
    if (int(siteswap[i])+ (i + 1)) % aantal_digits == (int(siteswap[1:aantal_digits])+ (j + 1)) % aantal_digits:  
            print("This siteswap is invalid")  
    elif i != aantal_digits:  
        del (int(siteswap[i])  
        print ("This siteswap is valid")

The else is highlighted and I get a "syntax error".

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Your problem is

del (int(siteswap[i])  

You are missing a closing parenthesis (but the parenthesis are unnecessary in the first place). Also, del int(siteswap[i]) will not work, because you cannot delete function calls: SyntaxError: can't delete function call

del siteswap[i]

will delete the actual item from your array.

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My eyes were open wider and wider with the vote this answer recieved. :-) –  Nabin Aug 15 '14 at 17:51
Thank you so much for answering my question so quick! I will try to remember this for the next time. Have a nice day! –  Robbebeest Aug 15 '14 at 18:01

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