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When my embedded Linux OS boots up the driver st_drv and btwilink are getting loaded ,But I need to load the modules in a specific order ,which is as follows..

  1. First load st_drv module (modprobe st_drv)
  2. Run a application called uim in /usr/sbin
  3. Load the btwilink module (modprobe btwilink)

I've looked /etc/modules or /etc/modules.conf file but no name of the above modules is present there

How can I disable these two driver/module loaded by the Kernel while booting itself?

NB: I use linux 3.12 kernel which uses Device tree

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For this,

  1. You can move the modules from the default path and then create a new module dependency,

    go to /lib/modules/your_kernel_version/kernel
    Generally your_kernel_versoin would something similar 3.4.23-generic

  2. Locate the modules st_drv and btwilink from that directory, then move those to some other folder.

  3. Create a new dependency list with the other modules using the depmod command
    $ depmod .

  4. Now you can reboot your PC and be sure that the drivers st_drv and btwilink are not loaded, verify using lsmod

  5. Note: make sure you have root user permission

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I'll test and let you know the results.. –  Sorcrer Aug 19 at 5:09

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