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I need a way to consume messages from multiple activemq jms queues.

As per activemq documentation, it supports wildcard consumers

I am using camel as a messaging bus.Is it possible to look at below named queues


By configuring camel route to look at activemq:*.processQueue endpoint?

Also let me know, if there is more cleaner alternative for this.

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I don't know if wild cards work, but if they don't you could define multiple routes each using the same processor to read from different queues. Though that does depend on you knowing the name and number of queues before hand. –  matt helliwell Aug 15 '14 at 21:55

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Yes. It should be doable as Camel is using the OpenWire/JMS client.

Your options are:

  1. from("activemq:*.processQueue")
  2. from("activemq:aaa.processQueue,bbb.processQueue,ccc.processQueue")
  3. Multiple routes with a sub route for logic:


    This way, you can easily turn on/off routes as well as assigning more consumers to one, given you need to have more priority on aaa.processQueue messages than the rest.

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