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The fact that Delicious has two sets of API authentications one with username and password and one with oAuth told me something about things I was going to experience and I wasn't wrong. Unfortunately I have to deal with both APIs now and am unsuccessful getting through the first hurdle of API v2 (Yahoo oAuth).

Here is a code snippet (I'm using OpenSocial in this example

public static string GetRequestToken(string callbackUrl)
    string normaluri;
    string normaluriparam;
    OAuthBase oAuth = new OAuthBase();
    string nonce = oAuth.GenerateNonce();
    string timeStamp = oAuth.GenerateTimeStamp();
    string sig = oAuth.GenerateSignature(new Uri(TOKEN_URL), ConfigurationManager.AppSettings[CONSUMER_KEY],
                                         out normaluri,
                                         out normaluriparam);
    sig = HttpUtility.UrlEncode(sig);

    string result =
        HttpClient.Get(TOKEN_URL, new
                                          oauth_nonce = nonce,
                                          oauth_timestamp = timeStamp,
                                          oauth_consumer_key = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings[CONSUMER_KEY],
                                          oauth_signature_method = "HMAC-SHA1",
                                          oauth_signature = sig,
                                          oauth_version = "1.0",
                                          oauth_callback = callbackUrl

    return result;

It seems it doesn't matter if I follow instructions at myself of leave it to OpenSocial, I get an "401 Unauthorized" from the server with no further info.

I can see many people have the same issue but couldn't find any resolution.

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The answer is "don't use HMAC-SHA1 for this stage. Also I forgot to include callbackUrl into my signature.

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I know you closed this, but what did you do after you got the token, how do you make requests with it? – Isaac Levin Mar 27 '12 at 17:24

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