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I had Firefox 30.0 and I was able to access some intranet Apache servers using HTTPS just by bypassing the Untrusted Connection warning. After upgrading to Firefox 31.0, in some computers it's not possible to connect to some of our servers anymore. After typing the URL, all we see is a blank page and the "connecting..." message on the status bar.

This happened with some OSX and Windows 7 clients, but for some clients and some servers with the same code, it works fine. Other browsers are also fine.

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Here's a solution that works for OSX and Windows 7 and doesn't require the Reset Firefox feature. Basically we want to Delete or Distrust the "problematic" certificates from the Authorities:

  1. Go to Firefox Menu > Options
  2. Go to Advanced tab >Certificates > View Certificates
  3. Go to Authorities tab on the Certificate Manager dialog and look for the Certificate Name (in my case it is an IP number, grouped by the company that issued it)
  4. Select all the "problematic" certificates (it might have more than one for the same site) and click on Delete or Distrust and confirm. Here is important to make sure no "problematic" certificate is left there.

Once you followed these steps, close the options dialogs and just access the site with untrusted certificates again and Add Exception to trust the self-signed certificate.

Please refer to these threads for more information:

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