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I am using RSpec with RoR 4.1, if I run

bundle exec rspec spec/requests/citilink_request_spec.rb 


bundle exec rspec spec

Then rspec will load the files correctly if it is the first execution, but at the second execution, it'll load the cached file. I can confirm this that the backtrace produced refer to the old point which I swapped with comment. It refers to a comment!

How can I disable this functionality, it shouldn't be de default setting IMHO.

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possible duplicate of is Rails.cache purged between tests? – infused Aug 15 '14 at 23:14
I tried that. no success. This is not the cache. But RSpec itself won't read the change in the source code – user3551335 Aug 16 '14 at 0:20

It is not RSpec problem, but Sidekiq. Yah, I am using Sidekiq. And the Sidekiq part not loading again my code whenever it changes. So, I need to reload the Sidekiq and everything works as expected.

I should have mentioned that the code in question is working asynchronously in a worker executed by Sidekiq that is using Redis.

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