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in Delphi XE6, I add a StyleBook to the form and double click on it. Designing menu appears. I see the buttons: load, add, save etc. When I click on them nothing happens. It shows designer but when I click, it clicks on the form. When I click on "Apply" button, it opens the devices combo box.

I am using:

Delphi XE6 Update 1

Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1

Paralles Desktop Build 9.0.24237

Mac OS 10.9.4

It shows style designer but still form designer is opened

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When I use File->New-?FireMonkey Desktop Application, choose HD Application, drop a TStyleBook on the form, double-click it, and choose Load, I get a file open dialog. Can you post exact steps to reproduce this problem? (It's clear why "Apply" doesn't do anything, as you've done nothing with a style to apply. What would you apply I've done absolutely nothing to, and how would you measure it's effect?) –  Ken White Aug 16 at 2:15

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Well thanks to Tomohiro-san at embarcadero quality centre, when I changed dpi settings of virtual windows the problem has gone.

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