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ember-qunit is claiming to have run 5 assertions, but my test clearly is only making 4 assertions.


test('setting of properties is bound to model', function() {

  var controller = this.subject(),

  Ember.run(function() {
    domain = Em.Object.create({
      name: 'OG Name',
      domain: 'og.domain.com'
    controller.set('model', domain);

  equal(controller.get('name'), domain.get('name'));
  equal(controller.get('domain'), domain.get('domain'));

  Ember.run(function() {
      name: 'New Name',
      domain: 'new.domain.com'

  equal(domain.get('name'), 'New Name');
  equal(domain.get('domain'), 'new.domain.com');



  1) Controller - Domain setting of properties is bound to model (1, 5, 6)
     Failure/Error: Expected 4 assertions, but 5 were run

Finished in 12.77100 seconds
160 examples, 1 failure

Any ideas?

Note: I am using teaspoon to run my tests, not sure if that could cause this.

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Often if there is a unrelated crash while running tests it will tack on an additional assertion and fail it. Can you run that particular test and see what assertions it's showing and any errors in the log? –  Kingpin2k Aug 15 at 23:45
post setup of your tests or create a quick example on jsbin -- example - emberjs.jsbin.com/ralisiwa/22 –  lame_coder Aug 16 at 2:46

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