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When I compile my SCSS code in to CSS using it adds the following to the CSS.

@media -sass-debug-info{filename{font-family:file\:[*FILE PATH REMOVED*]/reset\.scss}line{font-family:\000031}}

I have tried adding a "quiet" flag to the Brunch config file (as suggested here: but this doesn't seem to make a difference.

How can I stop the compiler from adding these lines?

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Try to disable :debug_info to false. Like this in config.rb:

debug_info = false

Or in brunch config file you should edit these lines:

config =
         debug: 'comments'
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Disabling the debug flag in to the SASS files seems to work. Now I need to find a way to do this from Brunch. (As the config file change doesn't seem to work!) – Limestone Aug 16 '14 at 14:40
Which Brunch plugin do you use to compile sass to css? Compass Brunch or Sass Brunch? – neilhem Aug 17 '14 at 5:24
"sass-brunch": "1.6" as shown in the package.json file. – Limestone Aug 17 '14 at 16:09

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