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I once did a cursory search and found no good CVS bindings for Python. I wanted to be able to write helper scripts to do some fine-grained manipulation of the repository and projects in it. I had to resort to using popen and checking stdout and stderr and then parsing those. It was messy and error-prone.

Are there any good quality modules for CVS integration for Python? Which module do you prefer and why?

While I am at it, is there a good Subversion integration module for Python? My understanding is that Subversion has a great API for such things.

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For cvs, pyCVS may be worth a look.

For svn, there is pysvn, which is pretty good.

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Are you aware of any easy way to access svn from 64-bit Python on Windows x64? –  bdforbes Sep 22 '11 at 6:04

Tailor, a Python program which lets different version control systems interoperate, simply calls the external programs cvs and svn when working with repositories of those formats. This seems pretty ugly, but reduces Tailor's dependencies from "requires ____ bindings" to "requires working system".

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