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Is it possible to use XMPP for a desktop sharing application ? is there any inconvenience ?

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Technically, I guess it is possible to send the right information across. XMPP is called extensible because in a way it is. Basically XMPP allows you to send arbitrary XML to a receiver without the server needing to be configured to "accept that data". Only your clients need to be aware of it. It is not technically necessary to make/use an official extension.

What you would do would be to encapsulate VNC or RDP packets into the XML payload of the xmpp messages. Probably encoding it in a CDATA section (most efficient). The main problem that you might have is latency caused by the messaging to be routed via the server.

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Yes, there is such application: http://sourceforge.net/projects/remotevnc/

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@dtb empathy/vino can do it on Linux with Telepathy

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A standard Ubuntu installation with Empathy as XMPP client can share desktop sessions via XMPP. Since XMPP is working, you don't need to care about firewalls and locked ports. –  cweiske May 9 '11 at 8:32

There is no official protocol extension (XEP) for desktop sharing over XMPP,
and I'm not aware of any application offering desktop sharing over XMPP.

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Yes it is! XMPP is an easy and extensible protocol, there are plenty of libraries to work with.

Major considerations would be:

  • Port and firewalls. Are any of the PC's locked down?
  • Application permission. Do you need to run the client app with elevated privs to access functionality, like remote control and device accesibility?
  • Multi-user. XMPP has group chat functionality, will that be used?
  • Robust. You can send offline messages.

If you don't need remote-control functionality, but just an app to share a whiteboard, text editor or such, then it should work fine.

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For sharing command-line of the Linux operating system trough xmpp you can use:


It also supports encryption.

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