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So I have a Tree<E> class where E is the datatype held and organized by the tree. I'd like to iterate through the Tree like this, or in a way similar to this:

1.  Tree<String> tree=new Tree<String>();
2.  ...add some nodes...
3.  for (String s : tree)
4.      System.out.println(s);

It gives me an error on line 3 though.

Incompatible types
    required: java.lang.String
    found:    java.lang.Object    

The following however works fine and as expected, performing a proper in-order traversal of the tree and printing each node out as it should:

for (TreeIterator<String> i = tree.iterator(); i.hasNext(); )

My Tree class looks like this:

public class Tree<E> implements java.lang.Iterable{
    public TreeIterator<E> iterator(){
        return new TreeIterator<E>(root);//return an iterator for the root node

And my TreeIterator class looks like this:

public class TreeIterator<E> implements java.util.Iterator<E>{
    public E next(){

But I want to get the for (String s : tree) loop working properly - any ideas? The whole point of this was to set up a clean foreach loop for use in my program, not to use that ugly for loop.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?


As per the best answer (and another equally good answer which was posted shortly after), the following made it work:


public class Tree<E> implements java.lang.Iterable{


public class Tree<E> implements java.lang.Iterable<E>{

...Thanks guys!

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Your error is that your iterator is return an Object instead of a String. – Jordan S. Jones Mar 28 '10 at 18:35
Note: I've added some additional code. Also, @Jordan: By my iterator do you mean the next() function? Right now, when I try to change next() from returning an E to returning an Object, it gives me an error and says to change it back. – CS Student Mar 28 '10 at 18:40
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The foreach loop should be working fine if your Tree<E> class also implements the Iterable<E> interface. You need to make sure that your Iterator also returns the generic type E.

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Oh - right! That makes sense, that's why it's asking for an Object; since right now my Tree<E> class is basically implementing Iterable<Object>! – CS Student Mar 28 '10 at 18:45

Your Tree has to implement Iterable<E> if you want it to work with the for each loop in a generic way (and hence your iterator() method must return Iterator<E>)

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The for loop in the code you pasted :

3. for (String s : tree)

is wrongly typecasting elements of tree dataStructure to a collection (or array) of strings.

I suspect it should look something like:

for (String s : tree.getNodes()){...}

Where getNodes returns a collection of Strings.

Couldn't say though for sure, until you paste more of the code.

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No the iterator returns just one String (or whatever E happens to be) each time next() is called. Thanks though! – CS Student Mar 28 '10 at 18:42

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