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I'm using persistent with MongoDB. A selectList query returns a full list of products and loads them into memory; I would like to return only a subset of columns.

Q1) Is there a way of selecting only a subset of columns so that more data can be loaded. For a more efficient query? Equivalent to a mongoDB projection or an SQL SELECT <col,col...> Perhaps something like a selectListCols function that takes a list of attributes as an argument as well and returns a list typed column values instead of entity values.

Q2) If not, and I have to resort to a manual Database.MongoDB query, what utility can I use from within the Persistent library to modify the mongodb query generated by selectList so that I can add a mongodb projection to it and get a BSON value out?

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No, there is not yet a way to do this. There is an open issue on persistent's github page. The summary is that the authors are waiting until ghc 7.10 to implement something. Link to open issue and a closed duplicate.

You can use the raw driver to implement your queries. In the library mongoDB, see Database.MongoDB.Query.Projector. In the closed ticket, gregwebs suggests "There are a lot of helpers in persistent-mongoDB now for using some persistent type-safety with the raw driver (fieldName will definitely be your friend for projections)"

I don't know how to modify the query generated by selectList to perform a projection. I doubt there is a way to do so with the current API, but I'm sure you could do so with a patched persistent.

Here's another workaround: have you considered defining different PersistEntitys but keeping the collection name the same? E.g.

let mongoSettings = (mkPersistSettings (ConT ''MongoBackend)) { mpsGeneric = False }
  in  share [mkPersist mongoSettings, mkMigrate "migrateAll"][persistUpperCase|
Thing sql=thing_collection
  name              String
  stuff    [Int32]
  deriving Show
SmallThing sql=thing_collection
  name               String
  deriving Show


Note that sql=thing_collection is used to force both PersistEntitys to refer to the same MongoDB collection.

This workaround has some tradeoffs:


  • It's made clear through the type system which fields will be returned from a query. A query that returns SmallThing will obviously not contain stuff. This makes it a compile time error to make a query and omit a field that you will want to read later.


  • You will have to define a PersistEntity for each variation. That could be a lot of variants if you have documents with many fields and you're trying to squeeze every last drop of performance out of your queries.
  • You have to keep the variants in sync.
  • Conversion. How do you 'downcast' a Thing to a SmallThing in a type safe, boilerplate-free way? E.g. you have a Thing in hand and you are calling a function that expects a SmallThing.

You could use fromJSON and toJSON, but aeson doesn't support ByteStrings, so JSON won't be useful when you have ByteStrings.

Also, check out toPersistFields and fromPersistFields. Maybe they can be used instead of JSON.

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