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i have got a mysql database with words. I am printing all the words with a while statement. So i get like:

potato tomato lettace

This is all working fine, but i want to sort the words by length. I have tried:

if(strlen($go['words']) == 4 ){ echo "this are the 4 letter words:"; }

but this will print the sentence before every 4 letter word. Whereas, I want it to be printed only 1 time as a header for all 4 letter words. Of course i want to do this also for 5,6,7 letter words.

I have thought about making multiple sql query's but thats too much for the server to handle with a lot of visitors.

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If you don't want to give your query an order by clause then have a look at stackoverflow.com/questions/17364127/… –  VMai Aug 16 '14 at 17:55
I am using the order by clause to order by length. But the question here is to give them headers like: 4 letter words:, 5 letter words: –  Gilio53 Aug 16 '14 at 18:02

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Is this what you want?

$words = array("fish", "mouse", "rabbit", "turtle", "duck");
$last_letter_count = 0;

foreach($words as $word)
    if ( strlen($word) != $last_letter_count )
        $last_letter_count = strlen($word);
        echo "These are the $last_letter_count letter words:\n";

    echo $word . "\n";


These are the 4 letter words:
These are the 5 letter words:
These are the 6 letter words:
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you can use a temporary variable like this:

$tempLen = 0;
    if(strlen($go['words']) == 1 && $tempLen < 1){ 
        echo "this are the 1 letter words:"; 
        $tempLen = 1;
    if(strlen($go['words']) == 4 && $tempLen < 4){ 
        echo "this are the 4 letter words:"; 
        $tempLen = 4;
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