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I am using NHibernate in my project, but I dont like to use typed properties for selecting items from database. Is it possible to have instead of


somthing like this


Thanks, Alexander.

I tried to use NHibernate.Link, but I can't use because it has no strong name :( Will wait for next version and continue to use my solution now

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With NH 2 you could use the nh lambda extensions

list = session.CreateCriteria(typeof(Cat))
    .Add<Cat>( c => c.Age >= 2 && c.Age <= 8 )
    .AddOrder<Cat>( c => c.Name, Order.Desc )

In NH 3, you would use QueryOver

list = session.QueryOver<Cat>()
    .WhereRestrictionOn(c => c.Age).IsBetween(2).And(8)
    .OrderBy(c => c.Name).Desc

Or you could use NHibernate.Linq

list = (from c in session.Linq<Cat>()
    where c.Age >= 2 && c.Age <= 8
    orderby c.Name descending
    select c).ToList<Cat>();
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Thanks for introducing me to the nh lambda extensions project! –  jwarzech Jul 19 '10 at 19:55

In the NHibernate trunk (3.0 version) are two ways:

  • Query over, the new criteria api example
  • Linq
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