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I am using Phake for mocking objects in my unit tests.

I have an interface defined for Core\Services\ISessionService.

    $this->sessionService = Phake::mock('Core\Services\ISessionService');

    $this->sessionProcessor = new Core\SessionProcessor($this->sessionService);

The SessionProcessor class is defined as follows:

public function __construct(ISessionService $sessionService) {
    if (!$sessionService) {
        throw new ArgumentNullException('sessionService cannot be null');

    $this->sessionService = $sessionService;

When I run my tests I get:

Argument 1 passed to Core\SessionProcessor::__construct() must be an instance of Core\ISessionService, instance of ISessionService_PHAKE53efd7c4e8d86 given, called in /path/to/Tests/SessionProcessorTest.php on line 26 and defined

Has anyone else experienced this issue? I understand what the error is, does Phake not have a way of making PHP think it actually implements the interface? If not, are there any mocking frameworks that do?

Any and all help is appreciated.

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