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I have the following model: 1 Person to many Participant ('enrollments' is the navigator)

If I just want the name of the person, and the date of all enrollments, this doesn't work:

           .select('firstName, lastName, enrollments.dateEnrolled')

I get an error:

 Unable to locate property 'DateEnrolled' on type 

What is the proper syntax for projections of fields on one-to-many relationships?

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Have you figured out anything better than the suggestion below? –  Jacob Eggers May 22 at 23:33

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There is no really good way to express this in a single query. You can get all of the "enrollments" but you will need to select out the "dateEnrolled" on the client.

       .select('firstName, lastName, enrollments').expand("enrollments")
       .execute().then(function(data) {
       // extract "dateEnrolled" from data.results

Alternatively, you can use a 'named query" on the server that performs the projection there and simply query the projection from the client.

Or perhaps better would be to invert your query. Something like this: ( assuming you have a scalar property named 'Person' on your 'Enrollment' type).

       .select('person.firstName, person.lastName, dateEnrolled').expand("person")
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Can you provide an example of a named query? Is it just a webApi server method that returns a collection of DTOs? –  pianomanjh Aug 18 '14 at 22:40
It is just a webApi server method that returns a DTO, for an example see ( the "Passing parameters to the server" subtopic). But ... my last suggestion, to invert the query, is what I would really recommend, just for simplicity. –  Jay Traband Aug 19 '14 at 0:59
Thanks, unfortunately I have a number of relations to bring in, not just the one, so I believe the last suggestion is out of the running. I will give the DTO option a try for this. –  pianomanjh Aug 19 '14 at 5:05

I got this working on my fork of

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