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I trying to understand the 'camel without spring' tutorial and I am not entirely sure what the 'JndiCamelServletContextListener' class is doing. Is it initializing the camel context and adding the routing information to it? Is there any way I can access the created Camel Context from other parts of my application like a EJB?


My idea was to add a Servlet context listener and in the contextInitialized method, I would create a Camel context and save it in the Servlet context as an attribute. Then, I would be able to get the camel context any where in the application if needed.

Is there a way to achieve this using the example mentioned.

Thank you.

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Good idea to store the created CamelContext as an attribute on the ServletContext. I have logged a ticket to get this implemented in the next release

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Thanks for the response. So is there a way to access the created CamelContext in my application if I initialize it in the way shown in the example? I want to use that to add routes programmatically(java dsl) if needed. –  user3000740 Aug 17 '14 at 13:53

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