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Virtual Box 4.3.14 Vagrant 1.6.3

and when I vagrant up I get this error

default: warning: connection refused. Retying...

it goes on and on until it gives up and says

Timed out while waiting for the machine to boot. This means that
Vagrant was unable to communicate with the guest machine within
the configured ("config.vm.boot_timeout" value) time period.

If you look above, you should be able to see the error(s) that
Vagrant had when attempting to connect to the machine. These errors
are usually good hints as to what may be wrong.

If you're using a custom box, make sure that networking is properly
working and you're able to connect to the machine. It is a common
problem that networking isn't setup properly in these boxes.
Verify that authentication configurations are also setup properly,
as well.

If the box appears to be booting properly, you may want to increase
the timeout ("config.vm.boot_timeout") value.

I am on windows 7, I even tried running cmd on administrator mode same thing

I even tried vagrant reload as I read on on other web resources, still same thing, it outputs the same thing

I did not tweak my virtualbox after install, basically just install virtualbox and install vagrant then run vagrant up

and oh by the way my vagrantfile and provisioning script is from here


Been googling and unfurtunately I can't find clear answer

Tnx in advance

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It seems its a virtual box / vagrant version incompatibility issue

I uninstalled Virtual Box 4.3.14 and installed Virtual Box 4.3.12 and it worked. Basically I downgraded virtual box.

I hope this gets fixed soon.

Hope this helps anyone.

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