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is it possible to add a restriction via Doctrine annotation to force a number attribute to be always equal or greater than 0?

Thank you

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Either change the datatype to unsigned using the following annotation:

@ORM\Column(type="integer", options={"unsigned":true})

That will alter the type to unsigned (zero and up). I'm not sure it is supported on all DBAL platforms but I'm sure MySQL supports it.

Or, if you use Symfony Validator Component:

// src/Acme/SocialBundle/Entity/Person.php
namespace Acme\SocialBundle\Entity;

use Symfony\Component\Validator\Constraints as Assert;

class Person
     * @Assert\GreaterThanOrEqual(
     *     value = 18
     * )
    protected $age;

The above example forces the age property to be 18 or higher.

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