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I have written a small python parser for a website, in order to extract the main news of a certain section. I would now like to trigger that script every time a new item is added to the website, using the RSS feeds. I am running Raspbian. Is there any utility to warn me of such event?


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After a bit of research, I found the rsstailutility thanks to this question here. The only problem was that after a few minutes, it would either fail or quit completely. So I found this, which is exactly the same thing, only written in python and does not crash (at least for me). What I did then was set up a small bash script, which gets executed at startup, using crontab. The script is the following:

rsstail -i 15 --initial 1 | while read line

This means that every time a new item is added, the script gets executed. Just remember to sudo chmod 777, otherwise it fails saying that you don't have the right permissions.

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You can actually write your own such utility using cronjob. This is how you can do this:

  • Inspect some rss xml feed and you will find the lastBuildDate tag in it. This is the tag that tells you when the feed was last changed. For example, try viewing the source code for this rss feed from BBC.
  • Modify the script to inspect for the lastBuildDate tag to learn if the rss feed has been updated since the last check.
  • Write a small cronjob to trigger the script you have written every n minutes. I have never used Raspbian but since its Debian based, it should support cronjobs. You can use python-crontab to write one. See this or this to start with python-crontab.
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Thanks for the idea, but I was able to find a small tool to do exactly that, take a look at my own answer. Thanks anyways! – ruben1691 Aug 17 '14 at 16:13

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