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I created a customized AMI from one of my running instances (windows 7). The volume Id for instances I create later from that customized AMI is the same for all instances - same as the volume id of the origin instance. I get the volume id by using vol command. For example c:\vol

When I create instances from a public AMI the volume id is different for each.

How can I customize the AMI (creation time or later) or the origin instance from which I customize the AMI in order to get a different volume id for each instance I will launch later from that AMI?

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It's strange if the VolumeIds are the same. It would mean that the same volume is associates with the instances. Which is not right! BTW, C:\Vol is not the volumeId it could be the volume. VolumeId of the Volumes associated with the instances may be seen here :…: – TJ- Aug 17 '14 at 17:25
c:\vol is not what you think it is. – slayedbylucifer Aug 18 '14 at 11:01

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