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We built some war files for our web server a while back and have now rebuilt them.

To ensure that nothing has changed (and as a quality check), we tried to compare them using WinMerge. The differences we can see look like they are due to some kind of meta data e.g. the files being built on different dates?

The difference in the lines seems to be consistent e.g.




The war files are still both the same size.

Is there a way to compare them that strips out the meta data such as date?

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WAR files are basically Zip files. Why not extract the contents and compare each file in turn? This avoids any meta-data that is a part of the WAR file. You can also figure out what the differences actually are if any are discovered.

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Two good answers - this one was first (7 seconds earlier) so this one accepted. – nzpcmad Mar 29 '10 at 19:33

you can use eclipse to compare jar/war files.

The link does not mention war file. I'm using Indigo, it seems eclipse only support jar comparison hence I have to rename the war extension to jar to get eclipse to do the structural comparison.

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It should be easier if you unzip them first and then compare folders.

In Windows you could just use the 'jar' executable which comes with the jdk

jar -xvf xxxx.war

Then you can use WinMerge to compare the 2 folders.

Hope this helps

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