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I'm trying to make a custom infowindow. Version = 2. I have added my DIV to the map as follows -


The infoWindowClass is -

height: 155px;
width: 225px;
background-color: #E7F8CD;
color: #3F3F3F;
border:0.5px solid #8D8D8D;

Per documentation, this is above all other DIV layers.

This DIV has two input fields, however I can't click on any of them.
I manually added the z-index to 990 for this DIV but the input fields are still not clickable.

Any pointers ?

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Found the solution, instead of assigning my layer to a specific google-map layer, I left it out. I mean, I commented it this -


And viola ! It worked 8-) For anyone in the same boat.

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