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Lets say you have an arraylist of HockeyPlayer objects. How could you sort that if they all have a variable "int goalsScored". How could you sort them by goalsScored?

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You can use Collections.sort with a custom Comparator<HockeyPlayer>.

    class HockeyPlayer {
        public final int goalsScored;
        // ...

    List<HockeyPlayer> players = // ...

    Collections.sort(players, new Comparator<HockeyPlayer>() {
        @Override public int compare(HockeyPlayer p1, HockeyPlayer p2) {
            return p1.goalsScored - p2.goalsScored; // Ascending


Alternatively, you can make HockeyPlayer implementsComparable<HockeyPlayer>. This defines the natural ordering for all HockeyPlayer objects. Using a Comparator is more flexible in that different implementations can order by name, age, etc.

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For completeness, I should caution that the return o1.f - o2.f comparison-by-subtraction shortcut must be used with extreme caution due to possible overflows (read: Effective Java 2nd Edition: Item 12: Consider implementing Comparable). Presumably hockey isn't a sport where a player can score goals in the amount that would cause problems =)

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Do self-goals count as negatives? Because if goalsScored is strictly positive, then the subtraction trick is fine. –  polygenelubricants Mar 29 '10 at 5:57

Write a custom Comparator to do the job.

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Use a generic Comparator like the Bean Comparator.

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Java has a set of sort() methods for this sort of thing. See Collections.sort (and Comparable) for details.

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