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The goal of my script:

While reading a .txt file in Notepad I want to lookup a word in a dictionary while not using the mouse.

My idea of the functionality:

  1. With the keyboard I move the text/write-marker (the blinking thingy where the text appears) to the word I want to look up.
  2. When positioned right, perform same functionality as a Double-left click. So it selects the word only.
  3. Copy the selected word and use that to open an URL like ' Run dictionary.com/?="SELECTED_TEXT" '

So the Question is..

How do I mimic such a double-click. Or perhaps other options to easily select a single word using only the keyboard.


I'm using an Asus transformer with windows 8.1. Im reading books on it in .txt format only. I dont like using the touchpad nor add a mouse to it. That's why I have converted most actions to AHK scripts. And would like to add this functionality aswell.


The following script fully satisfies my needs.

{   ; Lookup word
    Send ^{left}+^{right}^c
    Sleep 100
    Run http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/%clipboard%
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#IfWinActive, ahk_class Notepad

~$LButton Up::
  If (A_ThisHotkey == A_PriorHotkey && A_TimeSincePriorHotkey <= 300)
  MouseGetPos,,,, Controlname
    If Controlname = Edit1
    ClipSaved := ClipboardAll
    clipboard =
    Send, ^c
    ClipWait, 2
    Run http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/%clipboard%
    Sleep, 300
    Clipboard := ClipSaved

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