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I'm looking for a simple CMS for a site I'm building for my girlfriend.
The requirements are very minimal

  • Show images one by one, possibly with a line of text for each
  • Show an aggregate gallery of say 4x4 images.
  • Possibly have several different such galleries
  • Customizable look so i could fit it to her mockup

Any suggestions come to mind?
Can wordpress do this?

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You can be her CMS... The (propriety) Shoosh CMS! :P –  alex Mar 29 '10 at 0:39
How about a hosted solution like Squarespace? –  Thilo Mar 29 '10 at 1:08

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Yes, you can use WordPress with some gallery plugins, for example: NexGEN or kPicasa Gallery. Last is used for show pictures from your Picasa account.

Other option: ZENPhoto. Actually you can combine both WordPress and ZENPhoto in one site.

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You may think that it is simple - an dit is now. But can you predict the future?

If your gf is an artist, might she not want to sell? Then she'll need watermarking (now) and a shopping cart (when she decides to sell).

Does she want to speak about her art? She'll need a blog.

Does she want others to speak about her art, or art in general? Then a forum n (blog & forum will also attract viewers).

Etc, etc.

Why not consult the oracle at http://www.cmsmatrix.org/ ? It's the best place to go to look for a CMS system.

Pick something simple & easy to set up & use, but be aware of possible future expansion features.

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For something this simple, with only a handful of pages, it almost seems like overkill to use a CMS at all. Surely the added complexity of a huge application like WordPress isn't called for here.

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I'm not sure if you're still looking for one now, but just in case-- I'm an artist and I built a simple PHP CMS (no database) for myself recently. Just create folders / add image files / edit text files to manage content. It was pretty useful for me so I decided to release it as open source, it's called Gallerina. No automatic thumbnails and no pagination, but it's pretty easy to use and the default style is simple and elegant, good for a visual artist's portfolio. :)

If you're looking for something more robust, you can check out Stacey (simple elegant interface too, but you can add content other than images) or MiniGal (automatic thumbnails).

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Well MOvE Online offers an all-in-one package. And you don't need to have technical skills to install plugins or whatever, because it's already build in.

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Stacey http://www.staceyapp.com/ is a very simplicistic approach, but it needs basic markup skills.

Secretary CMS http://www.secretarycms.com/ is an easy to use CMS specially crafted for designers, artists, photographers and musicians.

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I would highly recommend Cargo Collective. It is a free, excellent Wordpress like alternative geared specifically for visual artists. After exploring numerous options, this is a great tool for those wishing to update their own content without dealing with technical things.

It even has built in network to highlight your site/art in the "collective".


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I never used it, but while I was looking for some CMS for photographers I found this koken which looks pretty pretty good.

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I use koken since three months, it's still in beta, but has already a nice interface to manage your pictures. It also allows you to create own template and plugins.

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