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I'm using a continuous optimization algorithm for optimizing neural network's number of neurons in first and second layers besides feature selection so I used this structure for converting continues output (between 0 and 1) to positive integer values in MATLAB:


For example in above equation Neuron1 is output of optimization algorithm so if we have 0 for Neuron1, number of neurons in first layer is 3 and if we have 1 for Neuron1, number of neurons in first layer is 24. I have [0 24] range for second layer too. My questions :

  • Is this equation is best equation for converting my values?
  • My system tendency is toward using 24 neurons in first layer and 24 neurons for second layer. when I change (decrease or increase) ranges for number of neurons in layer 1 and layer 2 my system tendency is toward maximum values of that ranges. Why?

I have a binary classification problem and using patternnet function in MATLAB. I'm using Imperialistic Competitive Algorithm (ICA) for optimization.

Some times ago I have optimization of early stopping (max iterations) in my system besides this structure and the best early stopping max iteration was towards maximum optimization rage as we discoursed above, so I removed it. Now I have same problem with number of neurons.

Besides above questions, What is your recommendation for improving my system. My system doesn't have a specific sample-size, In my testing cases it is between 200~700. This is a financial problem and I have feature selection between 21 features and I don't have any restriction for numbers of feature's combinations.


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