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Django 1.7 has introduced some apparently major changes for how apps work

These release notes seem to be saying that you can define models outside of and we don't even need a (or models/ inside an app.

Am I misunderstanding this? If not, could someone explain where we define our models if they are not in and how does django find and load them?

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You should still define your models in

Before the app refactor in 1.7 there wasn't a unified API for declaring metadata about your app. In particular, the way Django determined whether something was an app or not was by looking for a file. That was not an elegant system, especially when you consider that some apps don't even have models (for example, the app might just provide management commands).

Now that the AppConfig API exists it's no longer necessary to require the existence of a However, it's still the natural, and default, place to define your models.

How does django find and load them?

From the documentation: "You must define or import all models in your application’s or models/"

That suggests the following practice: if you don't have any models, don't include a If you have a file's worth of models, put them in If you have a bunch of models and want to spread them out over multiple files, put the files in a models submodule and import their contents in models/

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Very helpful. I am still a bit confused by the fact that, according to the documentation, we must define all models in (or import them with models/, but that a module is technically no longer necessary because of the AppConfig API. Can we now define models outside of or models/, even if it is unnatural to do so? – mjandrews Aug 19 '14 at 13:44
@mjandrews: You can define the models anywhere, but they must be imported by either or models/ That module name (models) is not a configurable parameter of the AppConfig API. The only time you won't have one of those files is if your app doesn't use models at all. – Kevin Christopher Henry Aug 19 '14 at 20:52
That makes sense now. Thank you. – mjandrews Aug 20 '14 at 14:00

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